Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder - free up some hard disk space and clean up your collection by removing photo duplicates

If you take a lot of photos and often rearrange your folders, there is a good chance that there are multiple duplicates scattered across your vast collection. To avoid confusion, free up disk space and clean up your photos, you should remove duplicate photos. However, doing it manually would be nearly impossible even with several hundred photos, let alone thousands. And it's exactly what Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder will help you with!

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is a free tool that scans your entire photo collection and removes duplicates and similar photos with unprecedented speed. The software supports all major image formats and enables you to start scanning your photos with just a couple of mouse clicks. Even if images were resized or color-corrected, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder will not be tricked by that - its proprietary image analysis engine will make sure no duplicates will remain undetected. Working with the program is extremely easy - just drag and drop the folders to be compared to the program window and hit "Start"!

If you need a way to get rid of similar and identical images that often get duplicated, shuffled across your folders and waste your disk space, make sure you try this program right away. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is free, fast, efficient and... awesome!

By Alexander Nikolaev on Jun 15, 2010