Featues of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

  • It has extremely simple user interface
  • Finds similar or exact duplicate photos
  • Search through the following image types: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF
  • Able to compare pictures that was resized or pictures with corrected colors (black and white photos etc.)
  • Add multiple folders or drives for scanning
  • Works with network drives and removable devices (USB etc.)
  • Support moving and deleting of duplicate photos
  • and it's AWESOME

What's new in latest release:

  • Version 1.1   October 19, 2012
    1. Support for TIFF images
    2. Option to search only identical pictures (excluding just similar)
    3. Option to exclude scanning of subdirectories
    4. Option to check for program updates automatically
    5. Option to turn off the annoying confirmation of deleting files
    6. Saving settings
  • Version 1.0.1   later in the year of 2010
    1. Option to move files to Recycle Bin (instead of permanent deletion)
    2. Option to add multiple directories by dragging them from Windows Explorer
    3. Some interface improvements
    4. Portable version is released
  • Version 1.0   year 2010
    1. Initial release with plenty of functions :)